Hillcrest High School

Support Our Cause

Hillcrest High School delivers a rich, varied and well-rounded curriculum with many additional opportunities and high levels of individual student support. Support from our community allows us to have more teacher aides, additional teacher resources and generally more support than what our standard government funding pays for; this additional support helps our students achieve more.

Please help Hillcrest High fundraise for school resources by choosing to donate your fuel discount.

What is the My Challenge Programme?

The My Challenge Programme is a community-based fundraiser designed to support local organisations that are important to each participating Challenge retailer’s community. My Challenge allows customers to donate some or all of the fuel discount earned to one of your participating Challenge retailer’s elected Community Groups.

How do I help support a community group?

  1. Register for My Challenge
  2. Search for the Community Groups in your area that your local Challenge retailer supports.
  3. Choose the Community Group you'd like to support and register to donate your fuel discount to them.
  4. Shop and donate your fuel discount.

Which retailers currently support this community group?